Can you write this year’s novel?


One of the things I’ve been writing about is those people who sit and spend eleven years writing the great American Novel. My father, for instance, never wrote his book. I actually used to try my best to convince him to write one. He wrote some stories, but never got it finished.

That changes today. If you set up Scrivener as your writing program (PLEASE do not use Microsoft Word as your writing tool!), you can write 8 novels this year.

I told you recently also about WriteWay going freeware. This is not as good as Scrivener, but the interface has features that allow you to write a book quickly. You may find it even allows you to write your book faster, due to the percentage complete wheel on the task bar! I found I could have 4,000 word days in that program.

Stop working on your great American novel. Start working instead on a different one. Get used to pressure and deadline, because as an established author, you’re going to have them.

You need 1,667 words a day, minimum. It takes 4 weeks to write a 50,000 word novel, 6 weeks to write an 85,000 word novel.

Start going through the archives of this blog! You’re going to find a LOT of tools on how to write your novel.

And I want the first draft done by March 1st.

No more excuses, no more procrastination.