A few years ago, someone gave my wife a Barnes & Nobles E Reader, the Nook. The nook was a good idea, but the problem in the first generation was the battery. Literally, it developed memory, and eventually, you couldn’t do anything with your Nook unless it was plugged into the wall.

A recent power outage showed us that we needed to get something like that we could use if the power went out again.  We’re looking into Kindle Fire tablets.

I’d realized recently I did have a use for a Kindle or an iPad. I’ve done some teaching recently and the system they use is to use Keynote, and I control it from an iPad. This of course showed me how to do a writing seminar from a tablet.

The power outage that lasted several hours left me with the idea I could still continue to write even without power. And of course… I suppose I could find another Remington or IBM Selectric typewriter!

Enter Scrivener, since the Literature and Latte guys are probably wondering when I’m getting to the main point.

We need a Android version of Scrivener and fast. Because when I get my Kindle fire, essentially it runs on an Android system. No problems to load Dropbox onto it, which is where I store all my writings. But what I’ll need of course, is an Android version of Scrivener to open my writings and work on them.

So if the guys at L&L could pause on Scrivener 3.0 for a minute and quickly whip up an Android version soon… I’d appreciate it!