My fourth book is nagging at me. I know where it went wrong. I’m not entirely sure how to bail that part out.

There’s certain subjects I don’t like. I don’t like to write about them. And I feel like by putting them in my novel, I’ve ended up with serious avoidance issues!

Easy solution – take those parts out. I know there was one subject I really didn’t want to write about in my third novel, but it was crucial to write about it. It would be like writing a novel about native tribes in Ecuador, but you don’t want to talk about cannibalism. Well, unfortunately, it was a common thing there.

So, I’ve got to back, remove that part, and plan out when in the series that section will come in.

The rest of the book really had me excited, so I want to get back to that excitement, that enjoyment of it, and finish that book.

I want to get back to the prequel, and Rolf Offenstath, and build up that three part intro as well!

As usual, I just need the time to write.