One of the bigger problems I’ve run into is journaling. So few people journal, that journaling programs are few and far between.

And you know software reference places like Alternative To don’t understand Journaling and its functions when they list alternatives to RedNotebook that include Evernote. OneNote. Cintanotes. These are note taking and planning programs (I refuse to say “apps” – it’s a program, people!), not Journaling programs!

One of the Reviewers of RedNotebook had the following comment – “Rednotebook is permanently broken. Everything that made the program great no longer is present in the program.”

He’s right. The tag cloud, showing tags, was really helpful. But they took that away, and still wanted you to enter tags that you now have no access to!

In addition, RedNotebook now takes three times longer to start than any other program on my computer. Literally, I sit there wondering if I started it or not! If you choose to use RedNotebook, don’t go any higher than version 1.14.

Most of the other Journaling programs either are pathetic, lightweight, or premium that cost you a lot of money. Programs available from the Microsoft Store tend to be REALLY annoying, and take up your WHOLE window, making switching from program to program. People, this is a bad idea. Let’s drop that, okay?

Writer’s should most definitely make use of a Journaling program. Your musings may end up being the fodder for another novel or article, or even short story.

The only problem is – which to use? I’m trying Journaly right now. I’m not happy with it, but we’ll see.

I’ve tried journaling in Evernote, which I may end up going back to – I’m just completely dissatisfied with all of the available journaling templates, and I ended up forgetting to journal in Evernote, which is not good.

What are you using?