2017-11-28 16.13.09Michael Hyatt sent out a few copies of his new book to several people for review – I’m one of them. I suspect it was because I did a review of his “Get Noticed” book previously.

If you don’t know how to read a Michael Hyatt book, let me briefly tell you. This is an important habit to get into with every book that teaches something.

Buy yourself some colored pens, and a small ruler. Every time you highlight something, make sure it’s in a different color. Probably just throw the yellow pen away, because they gunk up quicker than the other colors.

I do this with every Michael Hyatt book, because you’re highlighting sometimes entire paragraphs. Breaking it up into different colors keeps it from fading into the background noise.

Okay, now let’s get into the book.

I’m really recommending this book to people. Quite simply, this book will change your life. I recently told a bunch of people I know about it, and I saw right away that only two people got it out of the whole group. They understood, and were ready. The others were ready to have exactly the same results they’ve always had.

The book goes from analyzing what’s not working in your life, and then gives copious strategies for dealing with it. It’s not a “If you’re a purple personality, then you need flowers and aromatherapy” kind of book. It’s a step one, step two, step three, step four, fidget with step four to make sure it works for you, step 5, etc.

He does go into what the book is not – it’s not talking about the law of attraction. The law of attraction states that if you’re constantly thinking about poverty, you will be poor. If you think rich thoughts, you will be rich.

That’s not a law, that’s a theory, and it doesn’t work. trust me, EVERYONE who lives in poverty is thinking about riches, because they’re desperate to get out of that situation. Yet, unless you count picking pennies up from the sidewalk, they’re certainly not attracting wealth to yourself.

What the book does encourage is a change of mindset and expectations. Your reality expands to fulfill your expectations. Try this. Think to yourself tomorrow, “Today is going to suck.” I guarantee that will come true. You won’t be wrong. You won’t see the moments of advantage, because you’re so focused on the mindset there isn’t any.

But if you think, “Today has the capacity for greatness”, you might be wrong. And you’ll be poised to take advantage of every possible advantage at the moment it happens, because you’re anticipating it, and ready to act.

There are ten major areas in everyone’s life, such as physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, etc. Michael’s plan is that you have to build up every part of your life equally. Where you’re weak on something, that’s the baggage that drags you down. And if you’re concentrating on building up one area of your life, why not build them all up at once?

When you decide, “This is it – 2018 is my breakout year. I’m going to write that book or movie, I’m going to take a chance, I’m going to edit it and write a query letter and get an agent, and I’m going to be signed this year!”, this book is for you.

Case in point – Michael Hyatt mentions that when you’re focused on “Everything goes wrong in my life”, you never try for the big break. You never try for the job you’re not qualified for. But when you’re focused on success, you’ll take that chance. You’ll collect a lot of rejections. But you may surprise yourself, and be hired! I know that’s true, because I know several people who tried for jobs they weren’t qualified for and were hired anyway because they impressed the interviewer. And most job interviewers know that it’s those people that aren’t qualified who turn the company upside down, increase productivity and profit, etc.

So, first thing this year, as soon as the book is available to the public, buy it. Go buy it now before publication! Take the chance, take the plunge NOW. This is about to be your best year ever.

The book will take you through the process of analyzing the past year – what worked, what didn’t? The “what didn’t” part either has to be corrected or dropped. It also gives insight into regret – what it is, what it’s function is.

Then you need to go through what the plans you want to accomplish is, the “Why” for it, and what the first step is. The book will work on you about the fact that if you can see every step of the way, your dream may not be big enough. It will slowly guide you into an action plan, activation triggers, how to get there. The amazing thing about the fiction writing business is that there’s so much material helping people on how to get from “Page one” to “published” – and so few people try!

This year, you’re all trying.

The book will show you how to keep focused, on plan, how to persevere, how to keep on when the going gets rough. The words “intentional choices” needs to be a part of your vocabulary!

This book will change your life. It works best when you do it with someone, to make sure they keep you focused. Buy this book right now (I don’t get any money for saying this), and be ready.

This is going to be my best year ever. Make it yours too.