This is a really helpful tool I recently found! They have tools ranging from suggested style improvements (or at least, highlighted selections where you need improvement!), grammar checker, Spel chek, Readability, cliché’s, sticky sentences, vague words, diction, repeated words, repeated words (yes, I made a couple of puns in this blog post – see the spell check one!), sentence length, consistency, and more!

Seriously, this was like attending a writer’s conference just to load in a sample chapter and go through all the reports!

In many ways, learning to use all the reports on this website actually are like having an editor sit with you as they red line a hundred sentences!

For example, one of my scenes had the word “in” about 500 times. It was horrible to see the word there so many times. Words that are overly repeated again and again lose reader interest!

I cannot emphasize this really enough! By the way, Prowritingaid found 8 close repeats in the sentences above, and it labeled the sentence “It was horrible to see the word there so many times” my only sticky sentence. 67% of the sentence was overly common words, and they claim readers stumble over it.

I got this score from this blog article:

Your vocabulary was more dynamic (unique words/total) than 99% of ProWritingAid users

Prowritingaid is free, but limits you to 500 words at a time.