2018! This is it. This is the year you will discover is your breakout year.

This is the year you’re going to read those books you never finished.

This is the year – if you’re an author – you’re going to get published.

This is the year that TV series is sold, that movie script is bought, that book or script writing contest is won.

A change of mindset leads to a change of actions.

Feel the excitement. This is your breakout year.

Set your expectations. Your reality expands to fulfill your expectations. If you expect big things, big things can happen.

But if you expect only trials, tribulation, and troubles – you won’t be disappointed.

I can’t speak this any more plainly. The Law of attraction is not a law, it’s a broken theory. People struggling with poverty are not dwelling on their poverty – they’re focused on wealth. Why? They’re desperate. The law of attraction does not work.

But if you focus on possibilities, then things become different. Why? You’ll take chances you never took before. That job you’re not qualified for? You won’t get it if you think you’re not qualified for it, because you won’t apply for it. But if you say, “There’s a chance…” and try for it… there’s a chance.

And you may discover that what the company really wants is not the person with a 4 year degree in English literature, but rather someone who can get the job done.

You may walk in the door with an attitude of gratitude, an enthusiastic disposition, and a willingness to try something new. And the corporate person may know that those kind of people turn the world upside down. And suddenly you find you’ve got a $110,000 a year job.

That stuff doesn’t happen, you say? You’re wrong. One of my relatives had that happen to them.

“I Can’t” is one letter too many.

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