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My Blog Process Updated

I just thought I’d give a brief update for all those reading on how my blog process has updated. I’ve got a few extra steps now than what I had before.


Before I just typed it in Scrivener, and copied and pasted it into WordPress. Then I’d make my formatting edits (Scrivener’s formatting doesn’t work with WordPress, so I’ve got to add in returns, bullets, bolds and italics).

Then I’d gotten the SEO plugin, and that became something of a drudgery. Michael Hyatt says it takes him two extra minutes, and he’s right – it just feels like drudgery to enter in the info.

Then I have to go to Upsplash or Stocksnap to get my photos, place that in, put the credits in and change the HTML code to font size = 1. And because a lot of the photos are 3 megs each, I have to resize them in paint shop pro (yes, I still use that!)

Select something quotable, and add it to my “Click to tweet” plugin somewhere around the middle of the page.

Then I can schedule it.

It’s all those last steps that make my eyes glaze over. It’s not that it’s hard. It’s not that it’s really not fun or anything. It just feels like it takes a 2 minute process and makes it 10 minutes.

Here’s what I think may work for me, and should work for you if it sounds like massive drudgery to you also.

  • Get 10 blog posts scheduled today a week ahead.
  • Edit them tomorrow & do SEO.
  • Add in photos and credits, and Tweet this the day after.

This way, you’re not sitting there doing a hundred things to a simple blog post. It will feel more like you’re accomplishing a lot, and those are the kind of rewards that motivate writers. This also leaves you 4 days you’re not messing with the website, instead of “take ten minutes to do a blog post every day.”

Really, since I write these on the weekends, I should be scheduling them all on Sundays. It would be nice if Buffer would do my WordPress schedules as well!

Update… I’ve switched to Open Live Writer to speed up the process! Hopefully it works, to shave off 5 to 10 minutes!

What’s the process you use on YOUR blog to get your posts ready?

I wanna move to Rhode Island!

I want it so bad I can taste it! Chepatchet, North Kingstown, East Greenwich, Newport, Woonsocket! Anywhere in the Ocean State!

…except Providence!

Rhode Island

Photo by Tori Jackson on Unsplash


Short Story Still in the Works

Haven’t forgotten! I’m so desperately swamped with work, and trying to get my writing done! This is a busy time of year for my job – and right now I can’t take the time away from my script work to write a short story!
I should be done by Thanksgiving with the script work, and can take a week to bash out a short story! In the meantime, I’ll try to get some more excerpts on-line!

…oh, photos coming soon.

Working on One

I’ve been mulling over a short story on one of my characters in my novels. I should have something online in a day or two.

Someday, I’d like to do what some of the writing books say, and sit and write out histories for all my major characters. Only thing is. I usually just open my software, write in someone’s name, and after two or three sentences, I’m suddenly finding out things about them I didn’t know. I wrote one mildly irritating character in my first novel, and by the second novel, you’re finding out her past – which I didn’t know until I wrote the scene!

And… at 55,000 words

at 55,000 words. Sometimes the words just pour out of me. Sometimes I poke at it, and struggle to get 1,700 words.

Sometimes I think about pizza, and for some reason Scrivener is just sitting there looking at me, hoping for input, while i’m hoping for extra pepperonis.

Over 50,000 in 4th book

Over 50,000 words in the 4th book. I’m thinking of putting some excerpts from the books online!

what do you think?

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