When you’ve got a good producer, things are great. I’ve never worked with a bad one, so don’t know what it’s like.
My producer will listen to any wide-eyed idea I get, and will politely say, “That’s interesting!” Kind of like.. this.
“We’ll have a herd of ninjas riding on Great White Sharks coming to the rescue! In a hailstorm!”
“That’s an interesting idea! Let’s put that one off for a while till we’re done with this project, and we’ll come back to it!”
And will promptly forget the dumb ones, so that by the time I realize it was dumb, he never brings it up again.
“remember the ninjas on great white sharks idea?”
“um… no!”
Mike also never says “No”. He just gently tries to steer me back onto the right path of how he wants the movie to go.
It must be TOUGH to work with a hyperactive script writer!
Off to get more coffee!